Rilasciata la Versione 4.5.1a

Oggi è stata rilasciata la versione 4.5.1a. La "a" contrassegna una versione di Mambo che elimina i principali bugs che normalmente che si evidenziano dopo il rilascio della versione finale.

Il lato negativo di questa build è la modifica del "Template Engine" che impone un cambiamento nel caricamento dei template, infatti il pathway è ora chiamato "mosPathWay". Questa scelta impone la modifica di centinaia di siti già  realizzati con il nuovo 4.5.1.

Segue la lista dei cambiamenti:

29-Sep-2004 Emir Sakic
+ Added automatic JS listing of categories when section is selected on admin content edit
# Fixed [#2677] Row in 2006_content_frontpage table not deleted after deleting content item
# Fixed [#2680] Call to undefined variable

28-Sep-2004 Phil Taylor
! Moved pathway.php to a function mosPathWay()
! ^^ Needs templates changing!
+ Added more index.html files to prevent directory browsing
# fixed login form action url
! Upgraded DOMIT! & DOMIT! RSS to latest versions (0.98/0.3)

28-Sep-2004 Rey Gigataras
# Fixed mosimages & hideintrotext problem
# Fixed [#2655] creating menu-link from " Edit Category "

28-Sep-2004 Emir Sakic
# Fixed [#2648] http:// prefix gives http://http:// in mambots menu

28-Sep-2004 Robert Castley
# Fixed bug displaying images when editing content (frontend/admin)
# Fixed hardcoded English in content.php

27-Sep-2004 Phil Taylor
# Fixed issue with mambot manager in PHP 4.1.2
# Fixed Tab spaces in typed content meta tags when editing
# Fixed deletion of menus when menu has children
# A couple of other small fixes to Menu Manager

27-Sep-2004 Emir Sakic
# Fixed [#2625] User last visit does not include time offset

27-Sep-2004 Rey Gigataras
# Fixed [#2613] Upgrade sql - Syndicate
# Fixed [#2631] com_weblinks SHOULD NOT prefix URLs starting with "ftp://"
# Fixed error in content.php Line 163
# Fixed bug with TinyMCE when no params set in database

26-Sep-2004 Emir Sakic
# Fixed a bug with undefined function get() if $Itemid is empty
! Changed setPageTitle() not to display "-" if $Itemid is empty

26-Sep-2004 Rey Gigataras
! Random image module opens _self link
! Wrapper param allowing disabling of auto-prepend feature
# Fixed [#2616]
# Fixed [#2610] Error With Polls
# Fixed [#2576] Contacts : Text is not flooding at left of the image in IE6
# Fixed [#2590] Parameters on administration module rss feed don't display correctly
# Fixed [#2568] User Menu -> Submit Weblink
# Fixed [#2601] Frontend: edit content -> invalid image paths
# Fixed [#2607] Hardcoded strings in components/com_component/content.html.php
# Fixed [#2595] File offline.php: couple of php short-tags
# Fixed [#2567] Wrapper : Auto height - Not respecting the parameter
# Fixed [#2588] Menu : Opening Url in a new window; open in the same window
# Fixed [#2577] Content : Trashed Content are displayed in FrontEnd

25-Sep-2004 Rey Gigataras
- removed 'Blog - Content Category Multi'

25-Sep-2004 Emir Sakic
# Fixed $menu notice on SetTitle
# Fixed the issue with incorrect blog ids
# Fixed the issue with incorrect categoryid with blogs
# Fixed javascript error in contact component
# Fixed the poll def() undefined error
# Statistics module cosmetics

24-Sep-2004 Rey Gigataras
+ Ability to select multiple categories in 'Blog - Content Category'
+ Ability to select multiple categories in 'Blog - Content Section'

23-Sep-2004 Phil Taylor